Season 2 Overview

On season 2 of the Marketing the Magic Show, we'll dive into an in-depth look at what inbound marketing is, how it works in practice, whether it's right for your company, and more.

From identifying your ideal buyer personas and their "buyer's journey" to keyword research, blogging, social media, content offers, and beyond, each episode will explore a practical approach to understanding and implementing an inbound strategy.

To help give us some context, we're exploring inbound using the Jungle Navigation Company - of "Jungle Cruise" ride fame at Disney theme parks - as our example company who's learning to implement the inbound marketing philosophy.


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 Season 2 Episodes

Episode 16 - Disney (In)Bounding: Inbound Marketing Defined

Learn what inbound marketing is all about through the most devoted of Disney fans, Disneybounders!


Episode 17 - The Inbound Process & Buyer's Journey

Learn about the four components of the inbound methodology and the phases that every buyer goes through in what's called the "buyer's journey," a critical piece of the inbound puzzle!


Episode 18 - Introducing the Jungle Navigation Company: Planning an Inbound Marketing Strategy

In this episode you'll meet the Jungle Navigation Company, an exotic river cruise operator, and its buyer persona, Amazon Annie. You'll learn why the company is pursuing inbound, how they identified their ideal customer, and where we're going from that point.


Episode 19 - Keyword Research and Inbound Blogging for the Jungle Navigation Company

It's time to start getting to the nuts and bolts, and that all starts with the Attract phase of the inbound marketing methodology: getting strangers to visit your website by providing content they actually want to consume. To do so, we'll talk about how to do keyword research and prepare to begin blogging on those topics.

Episode 20 - Inbound Social Media and an Attract Phase Wrap-Up

As we wrap up the attract phase of the inbound marketing methodology, we still need to talk about using social media to promote all of this great content!

Then I'll share a few examples of inbound-friendly keyword and blog post topics aligned to the buyer's journey for our example buyer persona, Amazon Annie, to set the stage for the next episode on Converting visitors to leads.


Episode 21 - From Visitor to Lead: the Convert Phase of the Inbound Methodology

From calls to action to content offers, I'm covering the convert phase of the inbound methodology for the Jungle Navigation Company in this episode.


Episode 22 - State of the Project and a Request

Taking a little break from our discussion of inbound, I discuss the state of the Marketing the Magic project and ask for your feedback!


Episode 23 - Closing Leads the Inbound Way

Inbound marketing is all about relationships, and the close phase of the methodology is no different. We’re not talking about pushy salesmen and always-be-closing tactics, no no.

Let’s talk about how to move to the close the inbound way.


Episode 24 - How the Jungle Navigation Company Can Create Inbound Delight

If there is a better example than Disney of a company that focuses on delighting its customers, I’d be stunned. Delight is a critical part of inbound marketing and, more importantly, business in general.

Let’s talk about delight and how the Jungle Navigation Company can create some!


Episode 25 - The 5 Elements of SMART Marketing Goals

Everyone knows we should set goals in business, in life, or in virtually anything we pursue. In business - and in marketing especially - goals are a critical tool in our arsenals to help us systematically grow.

But for goals to be as effective as they can be, there are 5 components - making up the acronym “SMART” - that we must use. Let’s talk about how we - and the Jungle Navigation Company, of course - can create and use “smart” marketing goals!


Episode 26 - Competing with Disney for Keywords: a Followup

Should you compete with Disney directly for big keywords? Of course not, but what if the Google Keyword Planner is providing misleading data?

Find out in this update in answer to a listener question.


Episode 27 - Choosing an Inbound Marketing Platform for the Jungle Navigation Company

How do we actually deliver an inbound marketing strategy and all the various content and offers associated with it?

That's what I discuss in comparing popular inbound platforms in this episode.


Episode 28 - Why Inbound Marketing Isn't (and Is) Right for You

I've said inbound isn't right for everyone, and it's true.

Except it isn't! Learn how every business can benefit from inbound marketing in this final episode of this season on inbound marketing!