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2 Quick Thoughts On Storytelling and Marketing

by John DeLancey June 07, 2017 Storytelling in Marketing, Magical Marketing Minute(s)

I've got two big thoughts on the brain about storytelling and marketing this week. Let's discuss!

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Storytelling in Marketing: What Kind of Hero is Your Company?

by John DeLancey April 10, 2017 Storytelling in Marketing, Disney Marketing Lessons

Is your company a Prince Phillip, or a Wall-E?

What kind of hero are you?

Are you just confused now? Let’s talk about it!

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The Importance of Storytelling in Marketing

by John DeLancey March 06, 2017 Storytelling in Marketing

When it comes to the Walt Disney Company, there can be no argument that one of its greatest strengths - going back to the very beginning - is the...

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