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Avoid Marketing Overload: Telling Peter Pan in 3 Minutes

by John DeLancey November 27, 2017 Digital Marketing, Magical Marketing Minute(s)

It’s our job as business owners or marketers to know everything we can know about our products, the problems they solve, and who we solve them...

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Get Your Story Straight! A Marketing Lesson from the Haunted Mansion

by John DeLancey November 20, 2017 Digital Marketing, Magical Marketing Minute(s)

When hinges creak in doorless chambers, and strange and frightening sounds echo through the halls... Eddie Murphy must rescue his wife from the...

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Competing With Disney for Keywords: a Followup

by John DeLancey November 16, 2017 Digital Marketing, Season 2

Should you compete with Disney directly for big keywords? Of course not, but what if the Google Keyword Planner is providing misleading data?...

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