My Favorite New Content Promotion Tool: Quuu Promote

My Favorite New Content Promotion Tool: Quuu Promote

by John DeLancey June 14, 2017

I've been testing a new content promotion tool and service over the last month, and the results have been fantastic. 

Let me tell you about my new favorite content promotion tool! 

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I've recently begun testing a new content promotion tool called Quuu Promote, and it is amazing!

Disclaimer: I am not being paid in any way by Quuu to write this. I'm just seriously excited about it.

Quuu Promote is actually one half of the "Quuu Platform," and it's important to understand both pieces.

It's well-accepted that social media best practices today call for consistent, daily (if not more often) posting to each of the various social networks on which we take part.

Enter Quuu. Those who subscribe to the Quuu product (not the one I'm focusing on today, but the "other half") get curated content in a variety of categories delivered straight to their social media feeds through a tool like Buffer. But where does that content come from?

Aside from a curated list that the Quuu team gathers themselves, that's where Quuu Promote comes in (and where we have this amazing opportunity).

Users of Quuu Promote can submit their best content to the Quuu team to review and, if approved, that content will be distributed automatically to the social media feeds of the Quuu users who are subscribed to the category you submit to.

There are a couple of keys in that previous paragraph:

  1. Only submit your best content, because:
  2. The Quuu team reviews each piece that's submitted for quality before promoting it.

That's right. This isn't an automatic blast. It really does have to be great content, but that's a good thing. It means that everything Quuu does choose to share has a much greater chance of being effective.

How much does it cost?

This is a paid tool, but it's well worth the cost.

The fee you'll pay depends entirely on the category you want to submit to (and they have hundreds of categories and sub-categories to choose from).

For the most popular categories, you'll pay more (up to $50 per promotion). One of my clients is in the banking industry, and his promotions only cost $10 because it's a much smaller, less-competitive category.

What do I get for it?

Your content will be promoted for 30 days for your fee. That means your content will be showing up in the social media feeds of Quuu subscribers each and every day for 30 days.

Pro-tip, though: I got a HUGE number of "promotion credits" through a couple of deals at There's not a promotion running on it right now (as of June 14, 2017), but make sure you're subscribed to AppSumo in case it comes back up. I saved thousands of dollars on Quuu Promote credits with the last deal, and I've seen it on AppSumo at least twice.

How does it actually work? Is it effective?

I could write out the rest of the process and my results here, but I'd much, much rather you see it for yourself: it's so much easier to understand if I can just show you.

So click here to watch at least the demonstration section of this week's video episode.

I promise it's worth it! (And please excuse the abnormally poor audio: my main studio equipment was in use by a client!)

The bottom line

Quuu Promote is proving to be an absolutely fantastic tool for promoting all of the content I produce here at Marketing the Magic AND for my clients.

I'm seeing a huge spike in traffic from a diverse range of sources, not least of which are the promoters who saw my post promoted by a Quuu subscriber and then sent me BACK out to THEIR subscribers.

I haven't yet found a more cost-effective, targeted means of promoting my content. Give Quuu Promote a try.

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