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John is the head Disney nut and marketing aficionado at Marketing the Magic.
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Inbound Social Media and an Attract Phase Wrap-up

by John DeLancey August 11, 2017 Inbound Marketing, Season 2

As we wrap up our discussion of the Attract phase of the inbound methodology, there's a big piece to mention, and that's how we use social media...

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Is Inbound Marketing Right for Your Company?

by John DeLancey August 07, 2017 Inbound Marketing, Magical Marketing Minute(s)

Inbound marketing is a growing buzzword these days (just like content marketing, Facebook advertising, and so on), and that’s why I’ve devoted the...

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Keyword Research and Inbound Blogging for the Jungle Navigation Company

by John DeLancey August 03, 2017 Inbound Marketing

The inbound marketing process starts with a very simple and important concept - attracting the right people to your brand.

That’s what we’re going...

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